Founded in 1963, Meadgate Church is an Anglican (Church of England) Church. However, most of us see Meadgate Church as C of E with a difference. We are a thriving, friendly Church in the middle of the community of Meadgate. Everyone is welcome to join us whether you’ve been going to Church for years, haven’t been for a while, or are just interested in finding out more. On a Sunday we have three services that cater for all tastes, but Meadgate Church doesn’t end on Sunday - you can normally find something going on every day of the week and you’ll find details of all that we do in the menu links on this website.

We hope you’ll drop by and find a non-threatening, warm and welcoming atmosphere. Don’t expect an organ and a lot of serious people - we are lively and have a mixed age congregation. None of us are perfect, we’re just a bunch of people trying to follow the example Jesus set for us - hence our mission statement is "Aiming to be like Jesus."

Take a look at our What's On and Sunday Services sections of the website to find out about the regular activities that occur at Meadgate Church.

Meadgate Church in Great Baddow

Meadgate Shops in Great Baddow

Upcoming Events

21 Nov

Confirmation Service

Confirmation Service 7:30pm-9:30pm

22 Nov

Deanery Service & Licensing Of Area Dean Rev Tim Ball

Deanery Service & Licensing Of Rev Tim Ball as Area Dean 7:30pm-8:30pm

29 Nov


CAMEO Film Evening - 'Mircale on 34th Street' 8pm-10pm

2 Dec


Oasis Cafe + Chelmsofrd 24-7 Prayer Space 10:30am-12:30am Full English breakfast from 3.50, jacket potatoes, etc

3 Dec

Great Baddow Team Ministry Advent Service

Great Baddow Team Ministry Advent Service 6:30pm-7:30pm

9 Dec

Meadgate's Jack & The Beanstalk

Meadgate's Jack & The Beanstalk 2:30pm-4pm

9 Dec

Meadgate's Jack & The Beanstalk

Meadgate's Jack & The Beanstalk 5pm-6:30pm

13 Dec


CAMEO Christmas Evening 8pm-10pm

17 Dec

Traditional Carol Service by Candlelight

Traditional Carol Service by Candleight 5pm-6pm

25 Dec

Christmas Day Celebration

Christmas Day Celebration 10am-11am

For information about our regular activities
see the 'What's On' or Calendar sections.

Or click here for information about our three Sunday services.