Cooking lessons at Meadgate Church in Great Baddow, Chelmsford - Learn to cook Meadgate Church is EXPANDING!Our 10.30am and 7.30pm services will move to The Orchards from 5th October onwards /div>

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Christians... We are called to see and treat others and ourselves not as we are, but as God created us to be!

Now that is living life distinctively!

Kris Vallotton

As the Royal Priesthood of God, we are called to develop a culture in our homes, churches, businesses and ultimately in nations that brings out the best in individuals, facilitating their princely destinies. We do this by seeing and treating others and ourselves not as we are, but as God created us to be. This knowledge and love can only come out of intimacy with God. No longer are we slaves, but His friends, walking by His side as kings and queens of His court. –The Supernatural Ways of Royalty book #kvm

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Welcome Tim & Anita Ball - news of Meadgate Church's new vicar in the latest edition of our e-newsletter...

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Sunday morning worship at The Orchards

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'Meadgate Church - The Orchards' is just down the road from our original building 'Meadgate Church - The Parade'...

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Fun International Cooking Lesson "Winter warmers"

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Meadgate Church is a thriving, friendly church in the middle of the community of Meadgate in Great Baddow. Everyone is welcome to join us whether you've been going to church for years, haven't been for a while, or are just interested in finding out more. On a Sunday we have three services that cater for all tastes, but Meadgate Church doesn't end on Sunday - you can normally find something going on every day of the week and you'll find details of all that we do on this website. We hope you'll drop by and find a non-threatening, warm and welcoming atmosphere. Don't expect an organ and a lot of serious people - we are lively and have a mixed age congregation. None of us are perfect, we're just a bunch of people trying to follow the example Jesus set for us - hence our mission statement is "Aiming to be like Jesus."